So, do it. Decide. Is this the life you want to live? Is this the person you want to love? Is this the best you can be? Can you be stronger? Kinder? More Compassionate? Decide. Breathe in. Breathe out and decide.
-Grey’s Anatomy


Got. A. Job. !!!!!!!!!!!
I interviewed(twice) for this job and I got it…who knew people had such faith in me!
I truly hope I do well….it’s different than what I have already done with teaching….new is fun right!!!!

The End.

For those who have been keeping up with my social experiment…
You will be disappointed…unfortunately…
All of the men I was seeing have now just moved along…but so haven’t i.
The is truly a blessing in disguised because I am enjoying working towards my goals and working on myself…

So as of now…the experiment is null and void…

I started seeing one of the unnamed for like…a week, but that did not work out…so I am glad to go into the summer with nothing too serious, and not being broken hearted after the summer if I had continued with someone who did not work to see me…

The line…if you truly like someone you will make time for them worked in my favor in this situation…no need to waste my time

Peace. Love. And melons.

The result so far…

hi everyone, so in my earlier post, i said that i was doing a social experiment and was going to continue to date many different people at the same time on order to find out who and what i want in a relationship. weellllllll, lets just say it is taking an interesting turn.
In the past 2 months i was seeing three different men, and they all knew that i was dating others, and they all were okay with that (seeing as though they were probably doing the same thing that i was) so they were unnamed #1 (the longest), unnamed#2, and then unnamed #3. It was easy with unnamed #1 because we have been friends forever and i was totally comfortable with him, but something happened and we barely have talked for the past month or so. unnamed #2….oh unnamed #2….THIS is quite the situation. I met unnamed #2 through a couple friends and we met at a party. The funny thing is…i was already talking to unnamed #3 at this point too…so I had a few glasses of wine and got flirty with unnamed #2 (texting unnamed #3 at the same time). Unnamed #2 made sure to keep in contact with me, and took me out to dinner maybe a week or so after this party. It was weird…cause he is a super nice guy, but I was falling for………unnamed #3. oops.

I was lonely one night in the middle of this debacle and ended up sleeping over unnamed #1’s house. Nothing happened, but after i left his house the next morning…i felt extremely guilty. I had no idea i would feel so bad about people who I have not been in a serious relationship with, but i did. maybe these thoughts and feelings were telling me something.

Unnamed #3 …..I met at BSU. I met him my sophomore year. We became friends, I dont even know how we started hanging out…but my junior year after i was broken up…i decided to do what i am doing now, date lots of different people…and you guessed it, unnamed #3 was one of the men i chose to date. He ended up over my room one night and we were watching tv…tension was definitely there…and all he said was “you know you want to kiss me”….i got very upset with this because i actually didnt…he smoked and i hated that, soooo on and the next few weeks were weird cause we stopped talking….one day i saw him outside and he was smoking…i said ewww and he said he planned on stopping. that was our last conversation for about a year. FAST FOWARD to this past summer…i was still with Jared so I was not looking for anyone…unnamed #3 messaged me asking if i still was taken and i said yes but i have single friends…and he wanted to meet one of them…so clearly not interested in me. I was fine with that then…because i always thought he was a pig. Jared and I broke up in october. Unnamed #3 started messaging me…and i kept ignoring…finally i didnt…and he asked me if i wanted to go to a bruins game with him…i said yes, and he was shocked he said “really, you really want to” and i said of course cause i love hockey and had never been to a game. he then drove alllllll the way up to dracut and picked me up…we had the best time together…connected so well….we ended up going on two more dates…and then…he LEFT FOR BOOTCAMP…he asked me before he left if i would be his girlfriend…and i said no becaause we had just started seeing each other and i wanted to be able to date other people while he was gonee and also let him be free with relationship stuff.

I am now still technically seeing unnamed #2…but i have fallen hard for unnamed #3…and this is so difficult because #3 is gone for at least a year…and #2 is here…willing to be everything that i want…and give me the world.

So this experiment is proving to be more difficult than I thought…but
i might have found my romeo…i am just going to have to wait and see….

Once again.

Hi there,

I have now become very used to being single…this time I will do it with flair. Trust me…I truly enjoy being in relationships…but oh my gosh I am the only one who does any work in them and expect the other person to do too much apparently. So, what I am doing is a social experiment, I am dating….dating a lot. Not getting to the point of being in a serious relationship with anyone, but to the point of getting to know what I like and want out of a relationship. I have been doing this for about three months now, it takes a lot of work. I have actually told myself that I will not date anyone anymore!!! But I love the feeling of being liked…you know…

So, I know I am not perfect, and I don’t intend on being so. What I am doing is trying to find someone that will just add on to my imperfection and make me a better person all around.

If this experiment goes terribly wrong in some one…I will let you know…peace.love.and melons.

I find my worth in life every time I walk into a classroom.

I find my worth in life every time I walk into a classroom.


Find out who you are…and do it on purpose…

my love….

my love….



is it me?

I end up fighting with the person i love the most..

i cannot believe this…last night was the worst night ever, fighting and screaming we are over…and today it seems as if it shouldnt have happened…but it is real and he will not answer my texts…

i am not ready for this relationship to be over…i hope he feels the same…

and to think of it, my birthday is in 4 days…

happy birthday to me <3